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Who is better cat male or female? Is the male cat different from the female?

Who is better cat male or female? Is the male cat different from the female?

If you are considering adopting a cat, it is very likely that you are wondering which is better to raise a male cat or a female cat. This is, without a doubt, a difficult decision, as you will probably want to know which one will fit your family and lifestyle best, and therefore, if you can give her the care she deserves.

That is why, in this sadiqati article, we want to help you make this choice in the best possible way, and explain the reasons you should know and appreciate when you decide to take care of a cat.

Which is better to breed a male or female cat?

Regardless of gender, there are many other considerations to make before adopting a new family member. This is because each individual is unique and, as such, each cat has their own personality that will adapt to a greater or lesser degree to different habits and lifestyles. The personality of your future cat will be shaped by various biological and environmental factors, as genetic factors (breed), gender (as we will see in this article) and age, as well as environmental factors such as past experiences and learning, will determine that cats have one personality or another.

Is the male cat different from the female?

The main characteristics to consider when choosing between adopting a male or female cat are:

  • Age : People generally prefer to adopt a kitten, as they are at a stage where they are acclimating and learning more easily from their environment. Now, taking on an adult or elderly cat is usually a good option. Especially if you don’t have the time to provide them with a basic education, in addition to the fact that kittens are more active and usually require more attention and toys. Conversely, older cats generally have a more mature, calm, and affectionate personality.
  • Breed : Whether your cat is purebred or mixed, having an idea of ​​her breed will help you determine her physical needs and if she has a tendency to a certain personality, for example, if she is somewhat active, tame, and know which breed your cat belongs to. This other article on   the most common cat breeds in the world can help you .
  • Know its history : Before adopting a cat, if it has been in the care of other people, such as a protector. You should ask about its history. That is, if she has had bad past experiences, such as abuse and/or abandonment. Knowing your cat’s past will be key, so you will know how your cat’s socialization has been. If she has any specific fear or if the process of adjusting to the new environment will be more or less difficult.
  • Presence of Diseases : Shelters usually have the option of adopting cats with physical “defects” and/or diseases. Usually VIF (feline AIDS) or leukemia. These cats have doubly hard time finding a home because they are more sensitive. But if you think you can provide the care and affection needed. Adopting one can be a good way to give a second life to cats who hardly know a family. However, if you already have cats at home. You should consider whether you want to take the risk, as many of the most common diseases are quite contagious.

Cat characteristics

Cat behavior is influenced in part by sex. It is not strange, then, to try to find out what distinguishes males from females.

Which is better to breed a male or female cat?

As a general rule. But avoiding the misconception that all cats of the same sex behave the same way. Female cats tend to be more affectionate and affectionate. They often seek frequent physical contact, want to feel safe in their trusted environment. And tend to be protective of their environment. This need is born out of an instinctive desire to have a nest or shelter in which to feel comfortable and protected. In this sense, cats tend to tolerate less sudden changes in habits and environment. Due to this need to be in control of everything.

Another point to consider is that females go through promiscuity periods, usually between spring and summer. During these phases, cats experience stress and anxiety. May meow frequently (especially at night), may spray the house with urine (not always) and run away. This behavior, as you may have already discovered, is problematic. Well, it’s dangerous for your cat, annoying to you and your neighbors. And there’s a risk that they might become pregnant. Causing the uncontrolled growth of the cat population.

However, there is a highly recommended solution to this problem, and that is to neuter or spay your cat. This way you will prevent the vast majority of factors that can harm your cat from taking root and avoid health problems such as the development of ovarian cysts.

Cat characteristics

As far as male cats are concerned, they stand out for having a more independent and energetic personality than females. Well, unlike females who need to be quiet at home for the prospect of becoming mothers. Males usually have an active sex life in which they usually go out in search of females in a state of excitement.

This behavior is usually problematic, as they tend to run away and wander due to their need to explore and travel long distances away from home, therefore, there is a risk of having an accident.

In addition, males often get into conflicts with other males due to competition for territory and females for mating. Which means your cat suffers damages such as scratches and infectious bites, and the possibility of contracting diseases more easily.

For this reason, it is always best to spay your cat as soon as possible, before she develops sexual behaviour. Because, as you have seen, it will be the safest choice for your pet.

Conversely, if you think that your cat won’t be able to escape from the house and that’s why you don’t have to worry about her being neutered. The truth is that your cat will be anxious and irritable because she won’t be able to leave the house even though his sexual behavior requires it. This impossibility will put a lot of stress on your cat and make it easier for her to develop behavioral problems.

However, by neutering your cat you will make him feel calmer. Because he will not have this need by lowering the level of his sex hormones. So he will develop a more affectionate and gentle personality. Plus it will certainly reduce and / or eliminate the behavior of spraying the house with urine (depending on the age of his testicles). ). Which tends to stink and is done to mark territory, and to warn other cats to stay away.

Who is better cat male or female?

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of having a male or female cat. To make the right decision about which gender to adopt. It is important to take into account your needs and preferences. As well as whether you will be able to satisfy basic care for your pet in the future. This way, there is no right answer as to whether a male or female cat is better. But it does depend on what kind of companion you are looking for.

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