What is something cats are afraid of? 10 things cats fear

What is something cats are afraid of? 10 things cats fear

What is something cats are afraid of?

Now, even though most cats think they are the kings of the house, they do have some enemies who manage to make their hair stand up. Do you want to know what is the thing that cats are afraid of ? Then you can’t miss this article about the 7 things cats fear the most! go ahead!

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

1. Water

Water is one of the things cats hate the most. Even if only a few drops landed on its body, it would likely flee from the dangerous place at full speed. It is true that some cats have no problem with getting wet and even taking a bath, but this is not the most common.

Of the theories explaining this aversion to water, the most profound one is based on the fact that many cat breeds come from desert regions located in the Middle East and China, where they have had little contact with water over the centuries.

2. Strong odors

Do you think dogs are the only animals with a sensitive sense of smell? you are wrong. Although it is true that the scent of cats is not as sensitive as that of their canine companions, this does not mean that their noses lose the great variety and intensity of the scents around them.

What are cats afraid of?

Because of this, cats are averse to strong odors such as vinegar, onions, gasoline, alcoholic beverages, and others. If any of these scents are in the air, your cat will be on alert and will try to get away as quickly as possible.

3. Keep it by force

Cats are very independent animals, so they love to keep their space and freedom. This is why cats hate being caught in your arms when they don’t want to be loved, or are forced to do things they don’t want to do to the point of genuine fear. Without a doubt, this is one of the things they fear the most.

It’s a lie that cats aren’t very affectionate, but for them everything has its dose. So if you pick up your cat and realize she’s trying to escape with all her might, calmly let her go. If you refuse, you will most likely get a scratch or bite, you have been warned!

4. Strangers

If you are still wondering what scares cats, then one of the things they fear most is the arrival of strangers on their territory. Not all cats are afraid of strangers coming into your home, but most cats will run to hide when they realize someone outside the family has arrived.

More fears of cats

Apparently, this is because cats do not handle encountering unfamiliar situations well, and a stranger has a number of unheard of smells and sounds. However, if this person stays at home for several days, you will move closer little by little until he feels confident.

5. Loud noise

Cats have highly developed senses and perceive the world differently from humans. One of the things that distinguishes them is their sense of hearing. For this reason, loud noises annoy and frighten cats, and are some of the things they fear most.

Screaming, Christmas fireworks, loud music, vacuum cleaners, storms, horns, etc. cause a cat fear and can cause stress and anxiety.

6. Changes in routine

Eat, sleep and play, then eat, sleep and play. It may sound familiar to you, and this is certainly the daily life of your cat, because they are animals that like to have a routine in their lives. For this reason, changes tend to throw them off a lot and even cause them to feel afraid.

If you have plans to change something in your pet’s life, such as its diet, where it sleeps, or even if you plan to move, it’s best to introduce changes gradually and be patient with the cat adaptation process.

7. Surprises

It’s no secret that cats are fickle and wary animals, so they hate being surprised. Videos of people scaring their cats with cucumbers and other things are all over the internet, but the truth is that cats are not afraid of these same things, but of the fact that they were approached without noticing.

Although it may sound funny, surprising him is something that scares your cat, so this only leads to anxiety and stress, so we recommend that you find healthy ways to enjoy it.

8. Balloons

Round, silent, with slow movements and, last but not least, flying! Balloons are one of those things that will make your cat run and hide without thinking twice, because they cause real fear.

Why do balloons scare cats? For cats, it’s hard to understand what’s going on around them, especially if they’re floating in helium-filled balloons. In most cases, they confuse them with a predator, so they prefer to escape.

9. Dogs

Although there are exceptions, this is usually one of the things cats fear the most, which is that they often feel insecure in the presence of dogs. the reason? Dogs tend to bark and run after cats when they come across one. However, both breeds have been shown to be able to coexist happily after the adaptation process.

10. Stare at her

No animal likes a piercing stare that lasts too long, and cats are no exception. With their guardians, they may not show any kind of fear or reaction, however, with strangers they may feel threatened when they stare into their eyes. In the face of danger, they may act violently or flee.

If your cat’s gaze meets yours for some reason, the best thing to do is to blink very slowly so that the animal feels safe.

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