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What do cats do when they want to get married?

What do cats do when they want to get married?

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What does a female cat do when she wants to get married?

We will start by talking about the signs of marriage proposal in cats, because they are the most complex. The first thing you should know is that the periods of excitation occur at certain times of the year, and they are the moments when the cat is ready to be fertilized by the male and give birth. But not all year round they will allow sexual intercourse, but only when they are excited.

What does a female cat do when she wants to get married?

The cat begins to experience excitement at about 6-9 months and will continue to feel it practically for the rest of her life. Anyway, this date varies based on these factors:

  • Weight : The cat requests mating when the cat reaches about 80% of its adult weight.
  • Photoperiod i.e. exposure to sunlight: the more hours of light, the higher the chances of heat initiation. This factor changes in female indoor cats, as they always get a similar number of hours of light, even if they are artificial, and may be in a state of frenzy at any time of the year.
  • Breed : Short-haired cats usually show sexual desire earlier than long-haired cats.
  • The presence of other cats : Cats in the period of excitement produce some pheromones that facilitate the emergence of desire, and not just the first one, in the cats that surround them.

How often does a female cat need to mate?

Continuing with the example of cats in the northern hemisphere, the period of sexual activity usually begins between February and April and the jealousy lasts until September and October, recurring every 10-15 days . From October to February the cat will not be in a state of excitement.

How often does a female cat need to mate?

What do female cats do when they want to get married?

It is also important to know the signs of cats wanting to mate . They are as follows:

  1. Proestrus : At this point, the cat is more affectionate than usual, beginning to vocalize and experiencing the first symptoms of heat, although she is still not receptive to intercourse.
  2. Estrus or heat : At this stage, which lasts between 5-8 days, the cat is receptive to sexual intercourse. It is the moment when you can get pregnant, so we must take extreme precautions.
  3. Metaestrus : After ovulation, if conception does not occur, the cat remains sexually inactive for 8-15 days, until the next arousal. Males will refuse aggressively.
  4. Anestrus : It is a period of sexual inactivity that lasts until the beginning of the next breeding season.

How long does cat meow last for mating?

How often does a cat ask for marriage? A cat’s craving usually lasts about a week and appears about every 10-15 days, as long as the months are in which the conditions necessary for her fertility exist.

The heat in male cats differs from the heat of females, because the request for marriage is initially late. If you are wondering at what age cats ask for marriage, they start between 8-12 months and, like female cats, will be fertile practically until the end of their lives. On the other hand, they do not show the cycles of desire that we have just explained, but the male cats are always ready to mate, when the female demands it, or perceives the scent that she emits or listens to her calls.

A male never asked for marriage

When does a male cat stop asking for marriage?

Male cats will continue to be just as excited as the female cats around them, because whenever a male cat detects a fertile female cat, he will be ready to breed. If females seeking marriage live surrounded by cats, they will constantly show signs of this period.

Signs of cats wanting to mate

Now that you know the characteristics of feline solicitation, we continue with the signs that will help you know when your cat is into desire. These vary according to the sex of the animal, as we explain below.

What does a male cat do when he wants to get married?

When a cat picks up the scent or meow of a female in mating, she will begin to experience well-recognizable signs, such as nervousness, insistent meowing, or even tremors due to excitement. You may also notice that he urinates outside his litter box to mark his territory. This territorial attitude means that the animal can become aggressive with other males. In fact, fights between feral cats over females when they want to mate are common.

What does a male cat do when he wants to get married?

What does the cat do when he wants to get married?

Unlike with female dogs, female cats do not bleed when they are ready to be fertilized. So how do I know if my cat is proposing? The fact is that during this period it will be very difficult to ignore the symptoms of a cat in excitement: she will meow more than usual, at times she will seem to scream, and her voice can be mistaken for that of a cat. toddler. In addition, you will see him start rubbing himself and rolling over everything and everyone, rubbing himself against the furniture and showing a more affectionate attitude. It is also common, if you pet her, that she will position her body as if she is petting him. It may also happen that she will try to escape from the house in search of a male and will urinate outside the sandbox.

How is the cat meow when mating request?

In the previous section, we were able to verify that meowing is one of the most recognizable symptoms of excitement in cats. It’s a very different meow than all the other sounds they make, which are said to be capable of up to 100 different sounds.

The emphasis on this type of meow, in females is very similar to a deep cry that conveys despair, being a long, intense and powerful meow whose aim is to attract the attention of males. In them, meows are also more intense, but less loud and shorter. It is more common for male cats to show signs of nervousness and aggression, if other males are around.

How to calm cats during the mating season

There are some things that concern cats in the event of desire that we must take into account, such as paying more attention to them, because they will be more sensitive and will need affection. On the other hand, if it strays, it will likely run away from home to find a mating partner, so it’s best to keep an eye on that. Play with your cat, cuddle her, give her extra pampering and attention, and you’ll make her feel calm and cared for.

Calming the cat in the mating season, recommend that you close windows and balconies, as the cat can sneak inside or it can escape. At this time the animals will be under a lot of stress. To avoid this, a good method is castration.

There are many advantages to neutering a cat, starting with avoiding mating demand signs that stress and frustrate her. You will also avoid running away and reduce some behaviors. Such as aggressiveness or reproductive signs, although this depends entirely on the moment in which the operation is performed.

Like any surgical intervention, this operation carries risks. But it is necessary if we want to improve the well-being of our cat and avoid certain health problems. Such as uterine inflammation or mammary tumors.

Is cat sterilization harmful?

It carries more risks, however, everything depends on the standards of a professional. Currently, neutering is recommended before the first excitement in order to take advantage of all the benefits that the process has on the cat’s health. For example, it significantly reduces the incidence of mammary tumors, the risk of which increases with each mating order.

What is the appropriate age to sterilize a male cat?

The ideal method is to neuter a male cat at 5-6 months of age. Thus, it is easier for cats not to develop behaviors related to their reproductive cycle. Of course, castration of males and females does not prevent the development of other behaviors typical of the species. Later neutering it is possible that some undesirable behaviors, such as urine limitation, will be preserved. That way, if your cat is in a state of excitement, this could be the cause.

Calm a cat that wants to marry

The best way to calm a cat that wants to mate is to prevent this period from happening through neutering. However, if surgery is not possible at the moment, you can follow these tips to reassure her:

  • Try to prevent her from touching male cats.
  • Give her lots of love and pampering so she feels cared for.
  • Play with her to keep her entertained.

How can a male cat calm down during the mating season?

As with females, it is best to spay a cat. If this is not possible, the best home remedy for cats is to avoid spotting a female cat. Remember that males go into heat after they become aware of this. Now, if he’s really into proposition, you can try calming him down using synthetic pheromones in a diffuser. Playing with him and coddling him.

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