Tonkinese cat facts

Tonkinese cat facts

Tonkinese cat is a mixture of two breeds: Siamese cat and Burmese cat.

Today, we are going to learn all about this unique breed and why it has become so popular almost all over the world.

Tonkinese cat origin

This breed union originated in the 60s, when Siamese and Burmese cats were brought together.


In 1930, the cats were brought to the United States, they were named Wong Mau and they are considered the mother of the Burmese. Although at the time it was not known that, in fact, it was a Tonkinese cat.

This new breed arose when Jane Barletta wanted to build a breed that would blend the physical characteristics of Siamese and Burmese cats.

When a brown Siamese cat is crossed with a Burmese, all the offspring will be of Tonkinese lineage. If two Tonkinese cats have kittens, they may have the characteristics of the three breeds mixed together.

The Tonkinese breed was not officially recognized until 1971 by the Canadian Cat Society and the Cat Fanciers Association in 1984.

In the case of Fife, no announcement has yet been made specifying what standard must be taken for the breed to be considered official.

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Characteristics of the Tonkinese cat

One of the main characteristics of the Tonkinese cat is that it has a perfectly balanced body, that is, it is of medium size. The weight of these cats ranges between 2.5 and 5 kilograms , which is why they are considered medium-sized cats.


The Tonkinese cat’s tail is long and thin, which makes it look very elegant. Speaking of its head, it is described as having a round shape that stands out because it is longer than it is wide and has a rounded nose at the end.

In the case of the eyes, they are usually almond-shaped and piercing, large and very striking, always of a sky-blue or bluish-green colour. We finish their ears, they are medium in size, rounded and have a slightly broad base.

As for the color of these cats, it can be natural, champagne, blue, platinum and honey.

Although honey is not accepted by the CFA. In general, these cats have a short, shiny and very soft coat, which makes it a real pleasure to be able to pet and pet them.

Caring for a Tonkinese kitten

Caring for these cats in general is not very demanding, because in the matter of brushing their fur it is not necessary to do it more than once a week.


In the event that you have a small Tonkinese cat, the care is not much different from the care that any other cat requires:

  • A constant and ideal temperature must be maintained for youngsters. The best thing is that the temperature is between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. When the little ones are with their mother, it is she who gives them warmth with her body.
  • When you take him home, you shouldn’t offer him regular milk. If the kitten has not yet been weaned to drink milk, you should buy him a special formula to feed the kittens. Cow’s milk that humans consume is harmful to them. It is recommended that the formula you provide be at 37°C.
  • You should start by teaching him to relieve himself in the right places. If he is still very young, you will have to encourage him to relieve himself as his mother would do. To do this, simply dip a cotton ball in warm water and rub it on her stomach, anus, and genitals.

good diet

If they are already weaned, you can buy baby food, as these are softer and smaller than adult food. So they can bite it off without a problem.

In addition, they contain nutrients that are essential for the growth and development of a young child. You can also give them food that is easy to eat, especially when they stop breastfeeding.

Visits to the vet

Remember to take your pet to the vet, where the vet can examine him to make sure he doesn’t have any problems. In addition, he may be dewormed and will begin his vaccination schedule.

You must be very careful that there are no places or objects in your home that could harm the cat, including those that it could bite and swallow. Remember that owning a cat involves responsibilities and devotion of time, they depend on your care.

Tonkinese cat information

These cats have a docile, sweet and affectionate personality, they are always ready to spend a good moment with their owners and with other pets that may be in the house.

This was one of the characteristics that made this type of cat popular, as it is ideal in homes where there are children and other pets.

Because of the attachment they feel to their family, these cats do not tolerate spending a lot of time alone. Therefore, you must have time to devote to it, in this way, she can be happier.

We also have to take into account that these cats are very active and restless, which is why they must have plenty of space to be able to run and play.

I would say that it is ideal for these cats to have an exercise routine, in this way they avoid suffering from anxiety, which could generate bad behaviors and negative behaviors.

The difference between Tonkinese cats and Siamese cats

  • Tonkinese cats are more affectionate towards their owners.
  • Siamese are quite independent cats, although they do love spending time with their family. There are times in the day when they want some alone time, which is not the case with a Tonkinese cat.
  • Both breeds are excellent for a family that lives with children and other animals, but the Tonkinese cat excels at this.

10 oddities about the Tonkinese cat

  1. They are such friendly cats that they get along well with strangers.
  2. They are cats that rely heavily on the company of their humans and their four-legged friends.
  3. They are very demanding, when they want affection they will let you know right away.
  4. If you’re home, the Tonkinese will follow you everywhere, waiting for a little attention and pampering.
  5. His loyalty will be unquestioned with that person who is always playing and sharing a good time with him. He will let you know by rubbing your legs and playing with your fingers in a loving way.
  6. These cats love to chase and play with things from cats, dogs and other animals.
  7. They love to make friends no matter what species they belong to, so they are ideal for living in homes with other pets.
  8. They love to play with the kids in the house, as they are energetic so the fun never ends.
  9. The offspring obtained from two Tonkinese can have both Tonkinese and Siamese or Burmese characteristics.
  10. They are sometimes confused with the Siamese because of their color patterns, especially on their heads.

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