Tips for making your cat sleep better

Cats are nocturnal animals with strong instincts

Cats sleep up to 16 hours, but their sleep isn’t continuous

Cats don’t sleep consecutively, and they rarely stay in the same sleep stage for more than an hour or two. They do, however, be very sleepy, they can sleep up to 16 hours a day and go through many phases of semi-lethargy, especially when there isn’t much to do At home, nothing grabs their attention.

All of this means we shouldn’t trust ourselves and think cats will sleep for hours as we do.

Don’t lock him in a room

Locking him in his room to “sleep” is counterproductive because the first thought in a cat’s mind when he knows he’s locked up is: how do I get out of here? And he’s never so sleepy that he doesn’t know you’ve closed the door.

For this reason, cats do not reach the rapid eye movement stage, which is their survival instinct, which is what allows them to have a better memory and strengthen synaptic connections to learn more and better.

The nights are not for sleeping

Although cats have drastically changed their behavior, their internal clock is nocturnal. This causes them to sleep more during the day than at night, and they feel more adventurous and alive in the dark. Energy flows through their bodies when the moon is the only light passing through their body’s windows, so they’re programmed to hunt stealthily, and in all the darkness around them. This makes it an oxymoron for cats to sleep at night because they want to throw a party.

It’s no surprise that you hear him meow a lot, it’s a call to join you in the most energetic moments of the day. Remember, cats are also hungry and thirsty during those times, and this is just one way we can soothe them and give them a break while we eat his body Assuming something has been hunted, they can sleep better during the digestion process.

Not one bed will do, but many

Once you watch your cat’s behavior, you’ll see that it doesn’t stop. Did you buy him a bed? You’ll likely end up thinking it’s a useless purchase, the cat may or may not want to sleep in it, it may use it sometimes or it may never. This is Unpredictable because the notion of a “sleeping place” doesn’t mean anything to cats.

But you might be thinking, can’t you be sure that the bed is for sleeping in the same way that the sandbox is where you shit? The cat will answer: what good is sleeping in the same place? Better be in the same place This is a safety measure that belongs to their most primal instincts: if you are in the same place and you rest there, chances are a bigger predator is coming after you. This is why cats never sleep in the same place for long periods, even They have their favorite corners.

His wish is to sleep in the heights

The secret to their liking for a place is that elevated sleeping on the ground is not their favorite place because they feel vulnerable. It is precisely the higher position that allows them to safely see would-be predators and prey. cats may prefer to sleep together Furniture Shelves Laundry hampers or racks.

Favorite places

Cats can decide that anywhere is good, despite their aversion or affection for the most unexpected corners. On the ground, they might really like something as simple as a cardboard box.

They like objects made of this material because they are dry but rough and soft, allow them to hear outside sounds well, and they are neither hot nor cold. Plus, they can scratch it to see its “‘destruction’” which amazes the cat.

Is it a good idea to sleep in the same bed as a cat?

This question raises many paradoxes. Many cat owners enjoy sleeping with them, but several studies have shown this to be positive, while others have shown it to be negative. Pros: The heat and breath of animals lure us to rest, allowing us to fall asleep in a deeper and more effective way.

Cons: If our sleep is fragile, the cat won’t sleep for more than half an hour at a time, and it will wake us up every now and then.

So… am I sleeping with my cat?

The truth is, having pets in bed is always a complicated situation that requires flexibility. Explanations are useless for an animal, it won’t notice exceptions, so if you sleep with your cat on a day when it’s not allowed, you’ll get a barrage of meows, possibly even in your room scratch on door That will be.

They will make you want to go back in time without ever sleeping with him. In short, for both of you: maybe letting your cat sleep with you isn’t such a good idea.

Do they really need up to 16 hours a day to refuel?

Domestic cats sleep more than feral cats, so they don’t need to sleep 16 hours a day. On the one hand, sleep improves their quality of life and extends their lifespan, but it’s really an indicator of boredom. animals, especially predators, when they have nothing They prefer to rest and sleep, they don’t always think we have to do something like humans do.

Cats, like dogs, have an amazing ability to nod their heads, and they can also wake up and run away as if nothing happened. This sleep pattern is closely related to the energy stores hidden in their own instincts, and all animals have a spring warning them that if there is any It’s better not to be tired when you have nothing to do, which is why they sleep for so many hours.

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