The 12 best cats in the world

The 12 best cats in the world

You’ve probably heard this proverb about dogs: A dog is man’s best friend. Cats are the second most popular pets worldwide, after dogs; they still don’t get any badges like “man’s best friend.” On the contrary, cats have known for their independence Unwelcome self-sufficiency, or conflicted natures.

Although these perceptions are nothing more than stereotypes, a lot of scientific data shows that cats form as strong bonds with their human companions as dogs or children. However, cats are instinctively less expressive than dogs and know to hide their emotional love (and even pain).

While all cats are cute, friendly, and affectionate, some cat breeds are more social, playful, caring, and expressive than others.

For feline lovers considering adopting a more sociable, friendly, and playful cat, we’ve featured some of the “friendliest cat breeds” in this article. We hope this article helps you find the right partner.

1. Persians

If someone were looking for the ultimate lap cat, the first name that would come to mind would be “Persia”. There is no doubt that Persian cats are known the world over for their long, shaggy coats, adorable personalities, and demeanor.

At heart, Persian cats are sweet, calm, well-behaved, calm, playful and cuddly, and ready to jump into your lap. Persian cats are generally low maintenance unless they require regular brushing to avoid tangles in the long coat.

2. Maine Coon

The gentle giants of the feline world are so named because they are larger than other cats (often weighing up to 13kg). Maine Coons are unique in that they effectively balance their independent nature with being friendly and playful. human companion.

These cats are often a good choice for families, especially with children. While Maine Coons aren’t a captive breed (due to their size), they won’t mind sitting on your lap and being petted if you choose.

Another unique feature of Maine Coons is that they are highly intelligent, can learn to respond to basic commands, and need plenty of toys to keep them busy to avoid boredom. Also, these cats may require more frequent brushing due to their long, shiny fur.

3. Exotic Shorthair

Because of their sweet, kind, and friendly personalities, having short exotic hair is a lovely experience. These cats are somewhat like Persian cats except for their fur (shorter than Persian cats).

Exotics are also known as “lazy Persians” because they look like Persians but don’t require constant grooming or brushing due to their small coats. These cats are known for not being too vocal. They only make occasional high-pitched or whispering meows.

4. Siamese

If you’re looking for a classic “popular” cat with a lot of energy, look no further than the Siamese. These cats are highly social, playful, and active and enjoy spending time with all members of the family. Additionally, Siamese is known for their regal stature and soulful blue eyes.

Siamese cats are more attention-grabbing than most cats and are very vocal. If you ignore them, they will continue to make all sorts of noises to get your attention. However, despite their extroverted nature, Siamese cats can take some time to become familiar with strangers.

5. Scottish Fold

Renowned the world over for their distinctive folded ears and odd posture, the Scottish Fold is not only friendly, gorgeous, affectionate, and loving, but also highly adaptable. Because of their adaptability, they quickly become acquainted with their new human friends and new surroundings.

These cats do not like to be alone and prefer to be with their human friends all the time. Even if you already have one or more cats (or even dogs) in your home, the Scottish Fold is an excellent feline because they adapt quickly.

6. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rexes, a breed from Cornwell, England, are highly active, playful, and friendly members of the canine community. It is characterized by a soft coat, wide ears (like bat ears), petite stature, and large eyes.

Not only is the Cornish Rex an ideal breed for families, but they also make a great match with dogs and other pets. As an athletic feline, they need 20-30 minutes of play and regular exercise, so if you can handle their energy levels, owning a cat like the Cornish Rex can be a lot of fun.

7. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is similar to the Cornish Rex and shares many of the same personality traits, such as being highly social and energetic about playing games and always seeking attention. So it is suitable for people who have enough time to play with him every day.

If you don’t pay attention or provide enough opportunities for him to get tired and burn enough calories, they will become mischievous and will find ways to escape the boredom that you may not like.

8. Ragdoll 

Ragdolls are a perfect example of the bond cats have with humans. It will follow you around the house, and when you come home from get off work, it will run to the door to greet you.

These cats are docile, love to sit on your lap, and are excellent felines for adoption in small apartments or families with children and grandparents.

9. Abyssinian

A centuries-old member of the Egyptian-era feline community, the Abyssinian cat is beloved for its docile, calm, loving, and loyal disposition.

Because they are high-energy cats, they are not great lap cats; they are active and love to play with their owners.

10. Birman


As the name suggests, this feline belongs to Burma. Birmans are a mix of lively, calm, and relaxed. Birman cats are gentle and patient, making them good playmates for children.

These cats are good with humans as well as other pets in the home. In general, these blue-eyed and sweet cats are easier to keep than most cat breeds.

11. Burmese

The Burmese are another very active, polite, and confident feline that loves to cuddle and will never leave you alone. They’ll meet you in the rooftop kitchen, laundry room, watching TV, or anywhere you do office work at your desk. These adorable cats are a great choice for multiple pets family.

12. Sphynx

The Sphynx is a hairless member of the cat family. They might look a bit odd to most people due to their hairless skin, but the Sphynx is one of the friendliest and most affectionate cats around and makes an excellent pet.

Despite its many positives (such as being active, loyal, and highly social), the Sphynx is a high-maintenance feline due to its hairless skin.

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