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privacy policy provides an opportunity for its dear visitors to comment and participate directly in the published content without the need to register, by following the following instructions:

All comments are reviewed by the site administration before they are published on the site.

The site administration strongly encourages the use of all languages ​​in the comments and urges the use of original names instead of pseudonyms.
It is not allowed to leave comments that contain personal insults, use obscene words, or any practices contrary to public morals, or defame God and the divine religions.
The purpose of the comments service is to facilitate communication with the content posted on the site, so it should not be used for other purposes such as advertising and promotion.
A delay in posting some comments means not rejecting them completely. This can happen for technical reasons, or because the comment is under review.
The site management has the right to close comments on any of the published topics if the comments in it go outside the permissible framework and deviate from the general atmosphere of meaningful discussion.

Browsing policy:

We have designed this website not to collect your personal data from your computer during your use of it. Rather, we will only use the data you provide us with your will and in the light of your knowledge.

privacy policy:

Your personal information, which is stored on, will be collected when you visit it. Your identity is not disclosed, and this information is not sold or leaked to anyone, except in the event of court rulings requiring us to disclose certain data.
A note about the use of Google Ads on our site.

DART cookies are used to display these advertisements, based on the interests of users based on their visits to the pages of the site. Individuals may opt out of the use of the DART cookie or control Google advertising through the available privacy policy. Please visit the following link for that.

  Google Ads and Content Network Privacy Policy Link .

Although we always review the ads published on that appear through Google AdSense ads, in order to delete any ads that do not comply with our Islamic law, sometimes ads appear that we cannot fully control. However, if you see an inappropriate advertisement, you can contact us and send the advertising link. We will block it from appearing on, and we thank you for your cooperation.

The rules referred to on this page can be modified by deletion or addition if the site administration deems it necessary.

Cookies :

As an example of all other sites, uses so-called “cookies and web directories” or Cookies and Web Beacons in English.

These cookies are used to store information, including visitors’ preferences and which pages of the Website the visitor has accessed or visited before.

All of this information is used to improve users’ experience, by customizing web page content based on the visitor’s browser type or other information.

You can choose to disable cookies through your browser options. For more details on how to manage cookies in some browsers, please consult the user guide for these browsers.

Information relating to children or minors:

We take great care of children, we encourage parents to monitor and guide their children’s online activities.

At, we make sure to avoid gathering any personal information from children aged 13 or below. If you suspect that your child has disclosed such data on our platform, we advise you to reach out to us without delay. We are committed to taking prompt action and erasing any such details as quickly as possible. Data was gathered from our archives.

a summary:

Your concerns and concerns about the confidentiality and privacy of data are significant to us, and we hope to achieve this through this policy.

When you use our website, you accept our Privacy Policy and confirm your acceptance of its specific terms and conditions.