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Oriental short-haired cat Do you know this breed of cats?

Oriental short-haired cat Do you know this breed of cat?

The eastern cat is largely unknown, but it can be recognized with the naked eye, because it has different features, for ordinary cats.

Its sharp and long face, large, open ears, beautiful, long body and incredible cunning make the Oriental Shorthair or Longhair a unique feline.

But they hide many other things, which we will tell you, while we see the great diversity that this strain offers.

An oriental short-haired cat

The first thing that distinguishes oriental cats is that they do not like to be alone , to the point that they are cats that can suffer from anxiety, for this reason.

Oriental cats

However, they are quiet cats, dependent on their owner, and will require attention often and for this, they will look for ways to get attention, either by meowing (they have a very distinctive meow) or doing some mischief.

They are very curious and stubborn cats, if something goes in their heads, they won’t stop until they get it.

What is the origin of the oriental shorthair cat?

They came from Thailand and for many years, they were considered the true Siamese cat . Being the current version, a copy of this, according to some sources.

Eastern cat

The Shirazi cat also shares its geographical origin with the eastern cat. The truth is that the European Standard in the 1930s demanded cats with softer shapes and they were “rejected” because of their distinctive features.

In 1968, American breeders selected these cats for more selective breeding, further accentuating their looks. It was recognized as a cat breed in the mid-1970s.

What are the characteristics of the Oriental cat ?

It has a characteristic that no other cat has, which is that it has a wedge-shaped head. This shape starts at the nose and gradually grows into straight shapes, all the way to the back of the ears.

Oriental cat

His nose is elongated and from his forehead, there is practically no change in angle.

They have an elongated neck and prominent ears that are larger than normal, compared to most cat breeds. Their eyes are slightly elongated and their color is usually light green with turquoise undertones. Very short and soft fur, like his tail.

What are the colors of oriental cats?

This is where it presents a very wide variety of colors and patterns, like other types of cats . We will differentiate as much as possible between all the variables that present:

  • Oriental cat pure color . When we talk about solids, their bodies have only one colour, with no dark or shady hues on their fur. In the case of oriental cats, they can be black, gray, white, cream, reddish, bluish, brown and chocolate.
  • Oriental cat Tortie . When spots of other light-coloured colors, mainly cream, brown or beige, appear on the base colour. This base color can be some of the previous solid colors.
  • Eastern cat Smoke . In these cats, the pigmentation of the base of the hair is very low, but this increases up to the tip. One-third of the base of the hair is white, and the remainder to the tips, acquires a very intense colour, in any of its forms.
  • Oriental cat Silver Tabby . It has the Tabby pattern we described above, but the base color is white/gray
  • Oriental bicolor cat . These cats have a base color that can be any of the more common hues, white. If it is bi-colour, white can cover up to 50% of the body. Harlequin can go up to 80% and the truck is practically white, minus a few small spots of color. These can also have a smoky colouring, tabby pattern
  • Oriental long-haired cat . These cats, unlike the Shorthair, have long hair and are the result of a cross between an Oriental Shorthair and a Balinese cat.

Oriental cat care

The oriental cat does not require special care. It is a strong strain and does not suffer from diseases.

Oriental cats are short-haired

If she is provided with a good diet and veterinary care in terms of the corresponding vaccinations, and leads a domestic life, she is a cat that easily exceeds 15 years of age.

You may suffer from strabismus

One of the weaknesses of oriental cats is that they can suffer from strabismus for congenital reasons. This is a deviation of the eyeball so that the eyes do not line up. It must also be said that this does not affect their quality of life at all.

Oriental shorthair cat

Now you know a little about this beautiful cat, which is increasingly found in many homes around the world. It may have its detractors, as it is a breed that can be dismissed, due to its different appearance.

But they are unique cats, and the many people who share their lives with them attest to how affectionate and caring they are. It is said that the oriental cat is the most aware of its owner. Is this correct?

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