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How to cut cat nails?

How to cut cat nails? 10 tips that will help you

Kittens are born with nails because they need them to survive and perform vital functions. With their nails, they scratch, climb, play, hold the ground so as not to lose their balance, walk and hunt. They provide them with the push to jump. Climbing to a high place to escape can be a lifesaving tactic for them.

Their nails are used as a form of expression. When pulling and spreading their nails, they feel comfortable in a place or with a person.

If you approach to pet them but they don’t want to, it will be common for him to touch you with the nails of his hind legs. If you hold them in your arms and they grab you with their nails without grasping too much, they are conveying their desire to be let go.

If your cat goes outside or interacts with other animals outside, don’t cut her nails. It would pull down his defenses, and he would not be able to scout the terrain until he could get home and would leave him in an inferior position to potential attackers.

Another option is that your cat never leaves the house, gets very stressed and scratches the furniture, walls or curtains, even has its own toys or areas. In this case, many people find it necessary to trim cat nails at home. In this way they want to avoid harm to a family member or themselves.

Certainly, it’s advisable to train your cat to become accustomed to having their nails filed in specific locations. In this way the survival instincts are not disrupted and a good coexistence will be possible.

10 tips on how to cut cat nails

Step 1:

The first thing to consider is that the cat is the owner of its own feelings and actions. It is an animal that chooses us as owners, and not the other way around, so it will not understand the act of clipping its nails and for this reason you must understand that for it, in most cases it will not be pleasant. We also suggest instilling this habit from a young age. If not accompanied by words, gestures, and a gentle tone of voice filled with tenderness, he may perceive it as punishment and flee.

How to cut cat nails

Step 2:

When clipping kittens’ nails, pamper them frequently. Express your affection towards him in this way, you will reassure him when you do the same with the intention of trimming his nails.

Step 3:

Wait until he becomes calm or drowsy. Take it gently and put it on your lap, just as you would a tender baby. Caresses and pampering should be continuous.

Cut cat nails at home

Step 4:

If you get help from another person to stop your cat from moving, it should be someone you trust. Otherwise, it may be disturbed.

Step 5:

Select the most comfortable accessory for your cat and allow them to play with it until they become accustomed to it. This can include nail clippers, scissors, or a guillotine, among other options.

Step 6:

Gently press the pad to release the nail. Don’t push it too hard because you will hurt it.

Cut the cat's nails with regular scissors

Step 7:

Cut only the end of the nail. It is the remaining part and its color is less pink.

Step 8:

If you cut too much, you may accidentally cut the vein, which can cause bleeding and pain.

Step 9:

When in doubt, cut a little.

Step 10:

It may take several tries to finish cleaning her nails.

What should you never do? Trim cat nails

Cut kittens' nails

Don’t try to force your cat, you’ll only be able to frighten her and make her avoid you.

Don’t lose your cool, get angry or yell. It will frighten the cat.

Don’t use improper scissors, you’ll just do it.

Do not take more than 10 minutes at a time. Your cat won’t be patient any longer.

In conclusion

Not all cats behave in the same way when clipping their nails, there are cats that are calm and others that are simply impossible. Share your experiences on this subject with us.

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