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Do cats cry? What is the cause of cat tears?

Do cats cry? What is the cause of cat tears?

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Do cats cry? What is the explanation for crying cats?

To explain why cats cry, we must know that for them vocalizations such as crying or meowing are part of their communication strategy and it should not indicate that they are sad. It is also important to know that cats do not cry with tears and if we see them in our cat’s eyes, this may indicate a health problem such as a blocked tear duct. Also, if the tears are yellow, we are likely dealing with an infection that needs veterinary treatment.

That it is a form of communication explains why cats cry so much, although there are also very silent cats. Finally, it is common for caregivers to wonder why their cat is crying for no reason, but this statement is incorrect. Cats always cry for a reason, the problem is that we don’t understand them. They demand our attention to cover some need. Therefore, it should not be ignored, let alone punished. In the following sections, we will explain why we cry in everyday situations.

Why do cats cry like babies?

The high-pitched sound that some cats are capable of producing is reminiscent of a newborn crying, and just like them, this can have different meanings, as it is part of their communication. In the first weeks of life, kittens can cry, mainly when they feel the absence of their mother, because they are hungry, cold or afraid. Because of all of this, the kitten we just adopted can cry while he gets used to us and our home.

Do cats cry

When the cat grows up, he can also cry to ask us for food, because he is afraid and for other reasons that we will explain in the following sections. To understand why cats cry, we must take into account the context, that is, if a cat is crying and her plate is empty, the easiest thing to do is to think that she is asking us for food. As the cat gets older, it is also possible for her to cry more than usual due to changes that occur with age.

Do cats cry tears?

No, cats do not cry tears like humans. Unlike humans, cats do not have the same eye structure and tear system that allows them to produce emotional tears. However, they could have watery eyes as a result of eye inflammation or irritation, which can make them look like they’re crying. If your cat has watery eyes or any other symptoms of illness, it is important to take her to the vet for proper medical care.

Do cats cry  at night?

One of the reasons why cats cry, especially at night, is the heat period. If we live with an unsterilized cat or cat, it is easy for us to hear her crying insistently and desperately. If we live in an area with colonies of cats, we are also likely to hear these cats when they are soliciting. This period is affected by sunlight, so it can last for about a year. In addition, cats are nervous, defecate with urine, can try to escape, and if successful, fights are common, which can cause serious injuries. In these encounters, diseases for which there is no cure such as immunodeficiencies or feline leukemia can be transmitted. For all these reasons, male and female sterilization is recommended.

Why do cats cry

On the other hand, the reason for the crying of kittens or newcomers to their new home, it is also common to notice that they cry at night. The reason was explained in the previous section, which can be summarized as follows: Adaptation period. Cats are very susceptible to change and require space and time to adjust. Offering love and attention and respecting its rhythm is essential to avoid overwhelming it and thus exacerbating the situation.

Reasons why cats cry at the door

We have seen that the mating period can explain why cats cry. And this is the same reason why some cats cry at the exit door or at the windows. However, it is not necessary for the cat to be in a state of excitement for us to observe this behavior. As cats can display it in situations such as the following:

  • It is normal for a cat who is accustomed to reaching outside to cry to ask us to let her out and also to let us know that she wants to enter. Cat doors can solve this requirement by letting the cat go as he pleases.
  • If we get home and the cat cries at the door. It may be his way of greeting us or complaining about being alone for a while.
  • Cats love hiding places, so a cat might cry at the closet door because it wants to get in. It is also possible that he will cry if he is confined and wants to get out.
  • If the door is from a room in the house. The cat may be protesting because we prevented it from entering it or because there is something it wants like food, a toy or a bed.

When does a cat cry because it is sick?

On other occasions, the explanation for why cats cry has been found to be a health problem. The cat may show pain, as we will show in the following situations:

Why do cats cry when they eat?

In these cases, we may have a problem with the mouth. But it may also be an infection called nasal bronchitis that causes a lot of pain when swallowing. The cat may stop eating because of this. It requires veterinary treatment.

Why do cats cry when they go to the bathroom?

If the cat cries when it relieves itself, we may be facing a urine infection. The cat will go to the litter box several times and get rid of the drops. It is a painful process that needs veterinary treatment. She may also cry if she has difficulty passing stool, for example, due to constipation, anal prolapse, etc. We must consult with the vet.

What is the cause of cat tears?

As we said at the beginning of the article. The presence of tears indicates a health problem related to the eye system or another disease that causes infection as a symptom. Again, it will be necessary to go to the specialist to determine the cause.

Do cats grieve?

Although there is no scientific evidence to confirm or deny that cats cry from grief, we do know that animals are capable of feeling emotions similar to our own. Thus, they go through mourning processes, for example, experiencing joy and sadness. In this way, the cat can make sounds similar to crying because it has lost a loved one, feels lonely, and so on. Of course, remember that these cries are not accompanied by tears. When these occur, they indicate a foreign object intrusion, infection or other problem that our veterinarian can diagnose.

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